Stormwater Savvy

When it rains, water is either absorbed into the ground or it runs off and eventually collects in streams, rivers, and other waterways. Much of our built environment includes paved and hard surfaces that deflect water. Increased run off can lead to pollution, erosion, and other negative changes to the ecosystem. Capturing and treating rain where it falls is a proven way to improve the overall health of our environments. But doing this successfully requires a holistic approach to stormwater management. 

Through the Stormwater Savvy program, the Neighborhood Design Center (NDC) creates action-oriented design plans that are water and people friendly, improving water quality while also improving a community’s engagement with their landscape. Through an immersive community design process, our team of experienced staff and professional volunteers helps communities in Prince George’s County refine their vision and create drawings and plans that clearly communicate that vision. These plans can be taken to grantors to request funding and then, as needed, to professional contractors who can bring the community vision to life.

This program first started in January of 2015 and is funded by the Chesapeake Bay Trust and the Prince George’s County Department of the Environment and serves communities in Prince George’s County. The process takes about 6 months to accommodate scheduling the community workshop and community feedback meeting, as well as design time. 


Applications can be found here.

Here is a highlighted project from Stormwater Savvy: Summer Five

For more information about Stormwater Pond Retrofit and Beautification, please contact Rachel McNamara, Program Manager, at 301.830.8519 or