Langley Park Median and Street Trees

NDC Project #2421
Right Tree, Right Place
Design completed 2014 & 2015.

NDC works with the Prince George’s County Department of Public Works and Transportation to design planting plans for medians and street trees. Within the Langley Park TNI (Transforming Neighborhoods Initiative) area, NDC developed planting plans for the rights of way along 14th Avenue, 15th Avenue, Langley Way, 15th Place, Quebec Street, Kanwha Street, Merrimac Drive, and other County owned roads.

River Birch trees in the 14th Avenue Median.

Recently planted River Birch trees in the 14th Avenue Median. Image by NDC.

The primary partners for this project were the Langley Park TNI Committee and DPW&T. While the County was completing street tree planting, sidewalks were leveled and repaired, giving many streets a new, updated feel.

In urban areas, street trees provide shade to the street and sidewalks, reducing the heat island effect and providing shade to pedestrians. Street trees also serve as a physical barrier between automobile traffic and pedestrians, as well as opposing traffic when lanes are divided by a median. NDC’s planting plans were intended to create these physical barriers, while also providing shade and beauty. The soils along roadways are typically very compacted and low in organic matter, which must be kept in mind when completing street tree design work. LangleyParkEx_ PoorSoil_LangleyWay_inline2.jpg.

The trees were planted in spring 2014 and fall 2015.

River Birch trees

This tree pit has been dug and is ready for a tree. Image by NDC.

As of winter 2016, some trees have been replaced due to new needs for those particular roadways. However many of the street trees are still in place and thriving. This project was designed by Kelley Oklesson and Patricia Valentine.