Pinebrook HOA Beautification

  • Pinebrook HOA Beautification
    Dedication is his middle name. Image by Kelley Oklesson.
  • Pinebrook HOA Beautification
    Pinebrook residents get their plants off on the right foot. Image by Kelley Oklesson.

NDC Project #N/A
Clean Up, Green Up
Design completed 2013.

Pinebrook HOA came to NDC with a retention pond site in their neighborhood that was surrounded by nothing but dreary turf grass. NDC staff designer Kelley Oklesson completed an elegantly simple design, highlighted by a plant palette with white and purple flowers, as well as vibrant red orange fall color.

The volunteer team on planting day was small but mighty, including one participant with a previously injured hand—but that didn’t stop him! The group persevered in installing 6 small trees, 10 shrubs, and 10 perennials.