Glassmanor Elementary School Beautification

NDC Project #2467
Clean Up, Green Up
Design completed 2015.

Glassmanor Elementary’s campus, located in the Glassmanor Transforming Neighborhoods Initiative area, was in dire need of increasing their tree canopy. So, for 2015’s Clean Up Green Up program, NDC staff designer Kelley Oklesson provided a planting plan that included 9 new native shade trees and a half dozen small magnolias with spectacular flowers. Because the school also desired to spruce up the main entry, everything was designed for the front entrance of the building. The magnolias complimented existing crape myrtles and a handful of long-blooming roses were added for a splash of color below the magnolias.

NDC created a design drawing and physically labeled the site (with temporary paint) to assist the volunteer team in planting their new trees and shrubs. The volunteer team was lead by Tia Holmes and members of the Prince George’s County Young Democrats. At our initial project kickoff meeting, we found out that Ms. Holmes actually attended Glassmanor Elementary school and that she was looking forward to creating an inspiring and healthy environment for future students. A fun and dirty time was had by all!

CUGU Glassmanor Elementary School 2015

Appropriate application of mulch ensures a successful planting. Image by NDC / Briony Hynson.

CUGU Glassmanor Elementary School 2015

The joy and pride of discovery. Image by NDC / Briony Hynson.

CUGU Glassmanor Elementary School 2015

Everyone does their part at Glassmanor Elementary. Image by NDC / Briony Hynson.