Benjamin Foulois Creative and Performing Arts Academy

NDC Project #2567
Arbor Day Every Day
Design completed 2015

Benjamin Foulois CPAA is located in Morningside, Maryland. This K-8 school incorporates fine arts into the academic curriculum. In an effort to further diversify the learning opportunities at the school, several teachers worked with the Department of the Environment and the Neighborhood Design Center to incorporate high wildlife value shade trees as well as edible fruit producing trees into the school’s courtyard and play area.

As at most schools, the soils at Benjamin Foulois were very compacted and the growing conditions harsh. NDC worked with the school to select tree species that were hardy and long-lived. The resulting mix of large shade trees and understory edible fruit trees will shade play areas and provide native fruit likely unknown to most students.

NDC took care to preserve areas of the courtyard with full sun for future vegetable cultivation. This project was designed by Elisabeth Walker with support from Dana Puzey.

Benjamin Foulois CPAA planting plan

Benjamin Foulois Creative and Performing Arts Academy planting plan. Image by NDC.