Reuse Art Park Project


Community Forklift, an iconic Port Towns institution focused on disrupting the building materials waste stream, has a vision to turn their overflow parking lot into a one-of-a-kind community asset. Three years ago, NDC partnered to provide with initial site concepts in the form of a master plan, and since then, the Forklift team has been pinning down funds to turn the vision to reality.  With the recent announcement that they have secured over $650,000 in implementation funds, NDC is excited to come back to the drawing board to partner on phase two of the design work, while Community Forklift secures the final approvals needed.

Significant support for building this park will be coming from the Maryland Department of the Environment, and the park’s design will balance conservation landscaping with the industrial history of the site.

With input from the community, NDC design volunteers are creating a landscape plan that includes an art walk, native landscape restoration, and park and wayfinding signage.

Volunteers Richie Berrios, Devon Murtha, and Julie Matthews are engaging stakeholders to celebrate the industrial aesthetic through art and placemaking.  Lush native plantings and tree conservation will complement the more activated spaces on this unusual site.  We’re looking for a fall reveal for this inspiring destination Reuse Art Park.