Gateway Media Lab Visioning

Prince Georges Arts and Humanity Council and Gateway Media Lab (a “collaborative arts space for the creative community focused on film & media”) are partnering with NDC to reimagine the Lab’s physical space in order to establish a Creative Incubator space, which includes a Welcome Center for the town of Mount Rainier.  The Lab itself is currently home to five communications entrepreneurs and has gallery space and coworking desks. They hope to expand their collaborative mission and coworking space in conjunction with the incubator project. Our partners aim to leverage the existing and growing arts ecosystem of the Gateway Arts District by providing a space for film & media, fashion, and design practitioners.  We’re working together to develop conceptual plans and to think about how the space connects to the ‘Arts Main Street’ feel of Mt. Rainer. Our first step was to hold a visioning session with key team members.

On November 8th, the Prince George’s Community Design Works team made an early morning trip to Gateway Media Lab to meet with our partners of the Lab and PGAHC. We got our creative juices flowing as our new Project Coordinator, María Isabel Garcia Díaz and Allie O’Neill, Program Manager for Community Design Works, led our partners through a series of brainstorming activities to start defining the goals, potential challenges and opportunities for the Creative Incubator Space Plan Project.

Here are of the activities we did with our partners:

  • Mind Mapping: defining what the word ‘incubator’ meant for each participant.
  • Sticky note SWOT analysis: thinking about strengths, weaknesses opportunities, and threats through a series of timed ‘sticky note dump’ session.
  • Defining _________ with AEIOUunderstanding the characteristics of the space—design, business development, film & media—through their intended Activities, Environment, Interactions, Objects, and Users.