Clean Up Green Up Recap

Clean Up Green Up 2017 went by in a flash! Across Prince George’s County, 4,281 plants were installed on October 28. 132 groups participated in the program and NDC’s design team worked with 50! Our team of experienced designers, Marita Roos, Rachel McNamara, and Laura Kendrick made it look easy.  

Before the team got to Planting Day, though, a lot had to be done. Planning for the 2017 year started with the design of a plant list. Every year, participants choose from 10-20 perennials and grasses, shrubs, and trees, most of which are native. Groups working with NDC for landscape design assistance get a few more plant options (one of the best kept secrets of the program- expert help AND more plants!). NDC staff also works closely with Department of Public Works & Transportation staff to plan and administer the program.


Speaking of design assistance, NDC designers spend a majority of their time talking with residents, teachers, and principals  about their visions and what plants might best support that vision. Many times, this means NDC staff  travels across the County to visit sites in person. Designs are focused on achieving participants’ goals, from brightly colored spring blooms to a tree canopy their children can enjoy, and range in size and layout tremendously.


To prepare participants for Planting Day, NDC and DPW&T staff team up to offer a series of  How to Plant a Tree workshops. Along with sharing best practices, the team answers questions and distributes NDC Action Guides (in English and Spanish) on a variety of applicable topics- pollinator gardens, rain barrels, and plant identification. NDC staff attend Planting Day events to provide extra support. This year staff was at seven sites across the County. Won’t you join us next year?