Building Diversity and Inclusion at NDC

The Neighborhood Design Center’s work has always been rooted in building equity: by creating professional plans with our community partners, we work to redirect public and private resources to the neighborhoods that need them most. But, like many nonprofits, the makeup of our organization hasn’t always adequately reflected the communities that we serve. 

Central to our current strategic plan is building the diversity of NDC’s staff. And we’re thrilled that our Senior Program Manager (Prince George’s County) Marita Roos was recently selected to participate in the University of Baltimore’s year-long Maryland Equity and Inclusion Leadership Program. The program, which begins this month, trains people working in public service, teaching and the private sector to advance inclusion equity and diversity in their organizations. 

Over the course of the coming year, Marita will be immersed in a constructive, systemic approach to exploring, experiencing, and deepening NDC’s understanding and awareness of structural, social, and cultural inequities in our workplace and communities. In particular, the program places a focus on a deeper understanding of race and racism—what those terms mean, where they come from; how they operate for individuals, groups and for society as a whole; and why it continues today.

Stay tuned for updates from Marita over the course of 2019!