Breaking Ground at German Park


Work underway at German Park (L) and an early sketch from NDC’s design for a reimagined community space (R).

We were thrilled to see the construction has begun at German Park, a city-owned recreational space in Reservoir Hill for which NDC produced a conceptual design. German Park is adjacent to the successful revitalization of Reservoir Hill’s Whitelock Street core, including the Whitelock Farm and community space and expected expansion of St. Francis Neighborhood Center. A new collaboration between City agencies, nonprofits, and the Reservoir Hill Improvement Council (RHIC) is poised to make German Park a premier neighborhood asset that contributes to the vibrancy of Reservoir Hill.

NDC’s conceptual design for the new German Park.

With assistance from the Baltimore City Department of Planning’s INSPIRE program, German Park transferred ownership from Baltimore City Department of Housing to Department of Recreation and Parks, which will maintain the site. INSPIRE is funding nearly $100K in improvements designed to provide a foundation for additional investment. RHIC is working with community residents to envision these changes with NDC, and conceptual plans will be further developed by Rec and Parks for these capital improvements.

NDC Program Coordinator Johnny Macon leads a design charrette with volunteers.

RHIC initially reached out to NDC to lead a collaborative design effort for German Park that would help make the park a destination for neighborhood youth. To support this goal, NDC hosted a “kids only” visioning session, among other engagement efforts, in 2016. The final design, selected by community members via an online survey, offered new play opportunities, open sightlines and views into the park, and an ADA accessible concrete path. The INSPIRE-funded improvements that are currently underway include strategic demolition to improve visibility, new walkways connecting park amenities, new entryways at Whitelock Street and Linden Avenue, and new murals by the Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts and Jubilee Arts Art @ Work program.

Stay tuned for more updates as work continues at German Park!