Tree ReLEAF & Arbor Day Every Day

PG County Department of EnvironmentAs a design consultant to the Prince George’s County Department of the Environment (DoE) for two tree planting programs, Tree ReLEAF and Arbor Day Every Day, the Neighborhood Design Center (NDC) works with you to help you achieve your sustainability and stewardship goals. These two programs are similar in scope, but vary in how funds are disseminated and who can participate.

Not only do we help you complete successful tree planting projects through our design services, but those services are offered at no cost to groups participating in both Tree ReLEAF and Arbor Day Every Day! Groups are selected to receive design services based on need, and not all groups qualify for free design assistance. All groups must first apply to the Department of the Environment.

NDC works with each group to select ideal tree planting locations, determine project priorities (shade, wildlife value, education, erosion control, etc), and develop a planting plan showing the number and location of each tree species.

Tree Releaf Program

Tree ReLEAF is a reforestation program open to civic, neighborhood, community, and homeowner associations as well as schools, libraries, and municipalities in Prince George’s County. Through the Tree ReLEAF grant program, participants apply to have up to half of the cost of a native tree planting reimbursed.

Arbor Day Every Day

Arbor Day Every Day is a tree planting program specifically for schools in Prince George’s County. The program provides free native trees and shrubs as well as mulch and watering bags for each tree.

Here are some of our highlighted projects from Arbor Day Every Day:

Francis Scott Key Elementary

Benjamin Foulois Creative & Performing Arts Academy 

For more information about the Tree ReLEAF and Arbor Day Every Day programs, please call Deborah Weller at 301.883.7161 or email at

For more information about NDC’s design services for Tree ReLEAF and Arbor Day Every Day, please call Dana Puzey at 301.850.1724 or email at