Clean Up Green Up

You get free plants and all you have to do is put them in the ground with your friends and neighbors? That’s Clean Up Green Up! This one-day, county-wide landscape beautification effort of the County Executive in Prince George’s County, Maryland, (formerly Gorgeous Prince George’s Day) has been bringing communities together for over ten years. The County’s Department of Public Works and Transportation (DPW&T) provides free plant material with the promise that community groups will plant in public spaces, including schools, streetscapes, neighborhood entrances, and municipal centers. The Neighborhood Design Center (NDC) partners with DPW&T, and other agencies, by providing design and technical assistance to any interested groups.

Homeowners associations, schools, civic associations, municipalities, and other neighborhood groups can register via an application on the DPW&T or Prince George’s County website. These groups recruit their own volunteers and garden tools to plant trees, shrubs, perennials, and/or bulbs on Clean Up Green Up day (usually mid-October), as well as complete weeding, mulching, and general cleaning projects for outdoor areas.PG County PTW&T

If you would like help designing your site, you can choose to work with NDC. Our staff conducts individual site consultations and develops sensible landscape designs that guide and support residents, students, municipalities and businesses in the implementation of greening projects, resulting in healthier and more sustainable communities throughout Prince George’s County.

In summer and fall 2015, NDC staff and interns completed designs for 87 groups. All of 2015’s participating groups brought out enthusiastic volunteers to 207 sites overall who, in one day, planted 495 trees, 1,404 shrubs, 2,137 perennials, and 10,000 bulbs!

Not sure if you’re eligible or wonder what it takes to complete a successful project? Give us a call or email.

Click the link for program information and the current application.

For more information about Clean Up Green Up, please contact Allie O’Neill, Program Manager, at 301.830.6425 or