Barnaby Manor Elementary School Pollinator Garden

NDC Project #N/A
Clean Up, Green Up
Design completed 2014.

Reclaiming an ignored courtyard for outdoor education and a healthy vegetable garden was Barnaby Manor Elementary’s goal, and NDC teamed with dedicated school staff to reach it. To help the recently installed (as an NDC Community Design Works project) straw bale vegetable garden thrive, NDC staff designer Laura Kendrick designed one corner of the courtyard as a pollinator garden. We also created educational materials for students to learn what pollinators are, why they are important, and how people can support them.

CUGU Barnaby Manor pollinator

Making science practical and fun. Image by NDC / Laura Kendrick.

For Clean Up, Green Up 2014, a suite of perennial species, most of them native, with a range of bloom color and timing, were designed and installed in the pollinator garden, which is in the Glassmanor Transforming Neighborhood Initiative‘s area. Soon after, Barnaby Manor students, teachers, friends, and neighbors alike enjoyed the harvested produce and beautiful flowering pollinator plants.